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How to Find a Trustworthy Mold Testing Company

If your house is exposed to moisture for a long time, it will not be a surprise if you encounter molds. Most of the time, molds just grow without getting noticed. It is wise to have a mold testing in your house if you see molds in an area, a room smells musty and your house is exposed to moisture. To ensure that you get the right result, see to it you hire the right mold testing company. See to it you will not be scammed by mold testing companies.

Here are scams you have to be aware of:

If they claim to test for black mold in the house for free

Mold testing is not a cheap process because of the different tools and solutions. Legitimate mold testing companies will never offer free mold testing. If someone knocks at your door after a flood and would offer mold testing, do not answer them. You would still see them doing what is supposed to be done when they are testing your property. The moment the result comes back, they will give you a fabricated test result. The test result will then show that you have a severe issue of mold growth in your property.

If they test for mold and remediate as well

It is convenient if you hire one company to do both the test and remediation. However, what happens when you get a free mold testing could happen here. The only difference is you are paying for the mold remediation service this time. To get a reliable result, hire an independent mold testing company. They will have their own laboratories to tests the mold they took from your house.

If they offer an air quality clearance for free

To ensure that the mold remediation is done properly, mold testing companies have to check the air quality of your house. If you hire the same company that handled the mold remediation to handle the air quality clearance, you are opening yourself to get scammed. They will always say that your house has already passed the standards.

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