Air-Mazing Mold Testing is a professional mold testing company that has no affiliations with remediation companies. You can rest assured knowing since we have no interest in the remediation, we can provide you a thorough and honest assessment report.

Indoor Mold Testing

There is a vast range of skill, knowledge, and experience and certifications that are required when testing for mold. We accurately inspect and strategically collect samples from the environment to determine which type of mold spores are present and their levels respectively.

Here’s a number of reasons why you may want or
need an indoor air quality inspection

If you see discoloration on surfaces including walls, baseboards, ceilings, furniture, clothing, and HVAC units. Certain rooms exhibit a funky smell or musty odors. Areas that were moisture impacted from incidents such as toilet leaks or overflows, sink leaks, shower or tub cracks, roof fractures, excessive wind+rain.
Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, respiratory irritation or infection, fatigue, headaches, migraines, loss of sleep, lack of focus. When presenting a claim to your insurance carrier, a thorough assessment report will outline necessary issues that may be overlooked during a general walk-though and cost you thousands of dollars later. In the process of remodeling the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and while removing materials you discover mold. Its important to stop and call and assessor immediately so you can contain and remediate correctly to prevent cross contamination.
Reported the issue and not getting any results? Allow us to provide you with a comprehensive report that clearly outlines the current indoor air quality and how to fix according to state standards. Thinking about buying or selling? Did you know an indoor air quality assessment will help you either save money or increase value! Don’t buy a mold contaminated home, and I’d certainly pay a premium for a home with great air quality for my family. Office manager with multiple employee complaints? Instead of speculating, let’s get scientific evidence as to what’s in the air quality.

Mold Remediation Protocol

We already know mold is present because it is practically in every environment and a critical component of our ecosystem! Our job is to determine the type and levels so we can provide you with the best recommendations. Each remediation project is different, and you wouldn’t want to pay for something you don’t need. For example, if there is a contamination in a house, one room may require extraction of materials while the other a microbial cleaning. A detailed report with temperature and humidity analysis will help you understand what type of remediation to expect so you can evaluate estimates and choose the best remediation company. Simply spraying bleach will not solve the problem!

Post-Remediation Verification / Clearance Testing

Now that the remediation project is complete, how do you and the remediation company know if the environment has been brought to “condition one fungal ecology” which is safe and acceptable standards? If you think about it, there’s only one way to determine if the levels are safe and the job is 100% complete. This is accomplished by performing a PRV or “Post-Remediation Verification” analysis by an Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP).

Thermographic Analysis

Using the latest infrared technology, we can pinpoint thermal anomalies that are beyond the scope of the naked eye. We have helped clients identify hidden leaks, missing insulation, pest infestation, and moisture after leaks were “supposedly fixed.”